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Mobeni Integrated Systems
Security Consulting
Our product line is numerous and follows both
streams of analogue and IP based camera systems.
Software Development
Our IT solutions are sought from the biggest giants
in the game, namely Microsoft, Dell and Qlogic.



Our services are broad based and encompasses project approach and risk management to installation. We also provide integrated solutions for any of the following services.

Our experience over the past 14 years has seen us grow from strength to strength in the understanding of Aviation security Requirements and standards.

We are by far the most experienced company in Africa when it comes to Aviation CCTV security Solutions.

We never design nor sell a product without the consideration of integration! Integration to us is a key success factor in a business. From integration of security systems to integration of Building management systems we have a solution.

Aesthetic designs are a basis for us to provide a solution. A key factor of any Command and Control Room. With a choice of monitoring stations, video walls and Multiple Tier monitoring arrangements

We are design and implementation specialists in Foot Counting technologies. We have experience of designing and rolling out the largest foot counting solutions in Africa.

From a small access control system to a large installation with multiple points of entry and exit. Including Time and Attendance integration. We offer various technologies ranging from Proximity to Biometric authentication solutions.

Our IT Hardware solutions are sought from some of the biggest giants in the game, namely Dell, HP and Huawei. We have a vast experience with CCTV data storage solutions and have worked with top brands such as Nexsan (Imation) ,Dell and Huawei. Our infrastructure cabling from Krone and Telegärtner

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For Mobeni Integrated Systems, black economic empowerment is not merely a compliance issue – it is about developing the economy of our country, committing to sustainable transformation and thereby being a good corporate citizen.