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Why Vemcount

With more than 10 years of global retail experience within people counting, Vemco Group always aims to work with the best, most reliable and accurate counting devices that are compatible with our software.

Vemcount is used worldwide and is continuously undergoing development in close relationship with our customers to meet their expectations and needs.

We aim to establish long term and close relationship with all of our customers, through a professional and open dialogue.

People counting is the key to retail analytics. Integrating people counting into existing KPI reports gives you conversion rate and better understanding of your store when used in benchmark to strive for consistency.

Where do we Work Well.

  • Retail
  • Shopping mall
  • Supermarket
  • Public institution
  • Airport

why vemcount

foot counting solutions

  • Track each customer and identify the time they are spending in the store
  • Measure customer flow at entrance, specific areas, and different store levels
  • Find out how many customers pass by the store, compared to the number of visitors
  • Analyse hot and cold spots in the store based on customer flow
  • Find out how many customers left the store without buying
  • Integrate your POS
  • Understand the captive & conversion rate i.e. what is the spend per visitor
  • Rank stores with each other based on visitors and sales data performance
  • Motivate stores, by sharing ranking and sales reports with them
  • Improving sales performance at store level by receiving valuable reports based on KPI
  • Analyze hot and cold spots in the mall based on customer flow
  • Track customer journey
  • Measure occupancy of your mall in real time and its constituent floors/zones
  • Quantify how long your customers are spending in each section of your store
  • Monitor the performance of your store in real time on your personal Dashboard
  • Rank your stores performance based on visitors and sales data
  • Customers hate to wait – measure the queue time and minimize it
  • Reduce your cost by integrating your existing people counters into our unique software
  • Understand visitor traffic patterns across different time periods from a single or multiple malls
  • Determine which sections are most popular and which are mostly avoided
  • Understand how major anchor stores impact shopper traffic
  • Optimize staffing, maintenance and security based on traffic predictions. Schedule staff based on typical traffic patterns – align staff with peaks of demand
  • Measure the time customers are spending at the mall
  • Reduce queues, increase shopping time and basket size

Foot Count Analytics.

  • Advanced user levels
  • 5 years of historical data
  • Feature-rich dashboard
  • User-friendly design
  • Ranking reports
  • Integration to ERP, BI, SAP
  • Zone reports
  • Group reports
  • Hot spots
  • Sales reporting
  • POS integration
  • Dwell and queues maps
  • Third party S/W integration
  • Optimized for smartphones/tablets

Tennant Sales Reporting.

Monthly reporting has its elements of manipulation. Not often you would have the Store manager or Employee whom is cashing up for the day report the actual transactions. Often you would receive reports from the financial manager or owner whom will send a report with adjusted figures.

Daily transactions allows you to correlate the Retail Index more accurately.

(Sales Value / People Count)        = Transaction value per head (Retail Index) R54500   /     35000                = 1.56 (Monthly KPI)

Getting tenant sales for the day has never been easier by using a USSD solution. The data will be captured at a FTP server or moved into any SQL data base for ERP, CRM and financial monitoring.

Hosted Solution

  • Lower to zero IT Maintenance/Staff cost
  • No downtime, no reboots
  • Faster report generation
  • Accessibility from different networks
  • No hardware purchases needed
  • And most importantly, help save the environment
  • Monthly fee, pay as you go

Private Cloud

  • Greater limit of historical data
  • Closed within the private network
  • No internet connection needed
  • Can still be accessed across different networks
  • Automatic updates
  • Know your budget – one off price

Simultaneously capture accurate behaviour (People Counting) intelligence and high quality video surveillance for loss prevention.

Key Features:

  • 360 degree hemispheric lens
  • 5 Megapixel colour image sensor
  • Multi region Analytics
  • All analytics processing is done in the camera. No Dependencies to count and detect except for power