Vehicle & Driver

License Identification System.

When the license plate number or registration disk of a vehicle is scanned, the system can automatically determine if the driver has a valid reason to enter. It also specifies if the vehicle and driver is known or unknown. You can use the data for reconciliation, to analyse flow patterns and to determine occupancy rates for specific zones.

An institution looking at streamlining its Traffic entry/ exit operations through technology so it’s able to;

The solution will improve customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Enables visitors to ‘do more’ online – web based portal where motorist can find and entry arrangements for their visitor using their credit card, or load an appeal/waiver request for review.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by allowing visitors to clearly see evidence relating to their vehicle.
  • Clear audit – if visitors make contact or request their visitor to be waived, this is all logged within the system (including correspondence).
  • Motochek, ENATIS compatible – automatically downloads data from Motochek and check against ENATIS.
  • Collections and tenants compatible – automatically sends and receives information from and to collections and tenants informing them of visitor entry.
  • Entry arrangements plans are simple to set up with pre-authorisation
  • Allows entry arrangements by multiple methods – Access Card, Credit card
  • Delivers easy to use toolkit for a company to utilise at front-of-house and customer services.
  • Annual and monthly reporting is available including data output to third party financial.


of the system:

To identify vehicles that have false number plates, are wanted by SAPS or are suspicious.

To log and identify visitors, contractors, delivery agents, airside operators.

Allow access to specific vehicles within the access control process.

To help effectively enforce security

Ensure validity of both vehicle and driver.